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Sep. 17th, 2010

Hey there!


I got a job! It's an outpatient job only about 30 min away. I'll work most likely 10 hr days 4 days a week with Tues or Thurs off. I am so excited! They said that they'll contact me with the employee package (benefits) and that I'd start soon. 7 years of education will finally pay off! Huzzah!

Jun. 30th, 2010

my story

Test Time

Well, I took the National Physical Therapy Exam today. It was all computerized but I won't find out my score until potentially a few weeks from now. D: I feel good about the test, but it was really hard. Now, I've got to take the jurisprudence exam on Saturday. Once I pass that then I'll hopefully get my license and be able to get a job.

Amanda, I won't be here in G-ville for July. ;__; I'm starting to move some crap out of the apt on Saturday with the folks. Then the rest will be done a little bit later in July so we won't be able to meet up here.

I will be visiting my bro and sister-in-law with my mom and our two new mini dachshunds July 12-14th. Probably leaving on the 15th. We're visiting because my Aunt and Uncle on my mom's side are coming down to FL with the cousins to go to Disney and Universal. Mom picked up 2 day passes for Universal so we can go with them. I don't know if we could see each other then or not but it'd be cool if we could somehow. 8D
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Apr. 14th, 2010

Hey there!

Hey Guyz!

So I haven't posted in a looooooooong time. Which is the norm for me. LOL Just wondering if my homies have heard about a new animated Star Wars sitcom show. I read about this in my local paper last week. At first I was all like "Wut r u crazy?". Then I read that Seth Green was involved from Robot chicken and I did a 180. XD So what do you think good idea or bad idea? I could see it going either way.

Also, I totally miss you guys and hope you're both doing well. Here's a lulzy youtube video I found that I just had to share with you guys. I'll never think of figure skating the same again. :D

Sep. 28th, 2009

crazy crichton

Nothing of Import

This post exists just to vent my frustration at the CW and to share with my family and friends why I keep complaining about it. You don't have to watch it cause the video is really crappy since it's taken from my tv by me holding my digital camera but if you do you can see how infuritating it is to get advertisements for Melrose Place, Daugherty, and the local news right when my show starts. D: D: D:

Aside from that this episode was really great(vessels everywhere!!!) and this Thursday's involves time travel which is so up my alley. Life is going fine right now on my internship. Nothing life shattering. Hope you guys are all doing well!

Aug. 26th, 2009

my story

Life Update

Hey guys. I know I've been more or less incommunicado for the past month. Although that can be quite normal for me anyway. However, I had some stuff go down over my three week break that made me really depressed. During that time we had to put two of the pets I grew up with to sleep. Both were unexpected and extremely difficult because my family and I loved them and both were a part of our lives for so long. So our little dog Hyacinth and my black cat Becky both were really sick unexpectedly. I'm not going to go into detail but having them both go in less than a week was horrible when we thought we would have more time with them.

The bright spot was visiting my brother and his fiance as well as Amanda M and co over at her new home. I'm sorry about the issue with the foreclosure because the house was really starting to come together by the time I left and you all are so happy there. But as an aside to Amanda N we watched this great MST3k style audio story over of the first Harry Potter film that you should watch. Amanda M knows what it is but you'll love it.

I also had tons of dental work done while I was home. Consisting of 7 fillings, wisdom teeth removal and 1 molar, and a new crown. The crown and 2 fillings still need to be completed. I had the surgery for my teeth done this past Friday and was sick for most of the weekend. Mom and Dad had to drive me back to G-ville so I could start my internship Monday. Thank God I have Fridays off so I can get my gear together and put my apt back in order. But yeah the pain meds I was on were not agreeable to my constitution (they made me puke and dizzy D:). My jaw was starting to become rather squarish looking from the swelling. I'm so glad it went down. I look normal now and not like Jamie Bamber.

My cousin from PA unexpectedly got a job back where I'm from and had virtually a week to get her butt down here and find somewhere to live in order to start teaching (she got a job as an art teacher). Thanks to my parents and my bro's fiance they found her in apt to live in on such short notice. I did see her and my aunt and uncle when they drove down to move her in and buy furniture. I helped move stuff in and went furniture shopping but that was it. Got too busy with other stuff.

The other stuff being that Mom and I were so lonely and our last remaining pet Clementine (4 month old kitten) had no friends prompted us to adopt a couple kittens from the Tampa humane shelter. They had a buy a black kitten get one free deal so we did that. We got a 2 month old black kitten we named Nadia and a 4 month old tortie I named Gwendolyn. They're both really lovey towards humans and Gwendolyn is a lap cat, yaye! When I left the trio were getting more acclimated towards each other but in the beginning it was nothing but hissing. I thought it wouldn't be an issue because they were so young but I guess I was wrong.

I've about wrote a novel so that about sums up my break. I just felt like sharing what's been going on. Sometimes it's easier to type it all instead of saying it. Good luck on getting your butt to Dragon*Con Amanda N! Take lots of pics to share with me!

May. 2nd, 2009

watching movies


Just got back from seeing the new Wolverine movie. I thought it was pretty good. It did what it was suppose to which is explain Logan's backstory. That and Deadpool was in it. XD After coming home I checked youtube right away and found itsjustsomerandomguy's latest spoof. His Marvel vs DC vids are all funny but I about bust my gut laughing at Deadpool with the Watchmen cast. I need to read Deadpool's comics srsly.

Apr. 30th, 2009

watching movies

8 wks later

20 minutes from now will be the last day of my first internship. I made it through and passed! It's hard to believe it went by so fast. I've had a great time at the OP clinic I worked at. Everyone there was so down to earth and fun to work with. It'll be weird to have to go back to classes. :/

Since everyone else has been posting videos I give to you two of my favorite tenth doctor vids of all time since in only 2 more specials he will be gone. *sobs* Anybody else catch the Easter special? What's your guess on the big bad coming for the doctor in his finale? I am leaning towards the master but I could be completely wrong. On to the vids! The people who made them are extremely talented and awesome. ^_^

Scattered (Tenth Doctor) - Di

PS: OMG NEXT WEEK SUPERNATURAL IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! I <3 Jimmy but I'm glad Castiel is back.

Nov. 29th, 2008



So I stumbled across something that broke my brain. You remember Dragonball, right? And all those talks of there being a live action movie made for it. Well, apparently there is one. And it broke my brain on who they cast.

James Marsters is Piccolo! Spike as a green alien what? And Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi the huge pervert sensei? o.O If you wanna see some pictures and other casting choices check out the website.


My God how did I not know about this? I'm so gonna see it when it comes out. LOLOLOLOL

Oct. 29th, 2008

emo srsly

Doctor Who

David Tennant's leaving the show. D: I am sad to see him go because he really is such a wonderful doctor. It's going to be hard to transition to the new one this time whoever it may be. At least he'll film four specials before he goes. I am curious to know how he's going to go out. Hopefully, it'll be big.

Official link for the curious.


Jul. 26th, 2008


Hell Week Begins

I've got exams every day next week except Wednesday. *cries* And there's two every day except for Friday. I hate that so much. Back to back and doubled, I wish we could have them separated out. I want vacation time not study time. *wibbles*

Krysti: I can haz fun tyme now? Plz?


Krysti: D:

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